Welcome to my new Web site. From time to time I will be posting my ramblings on photography. Anything you would like some advice on please let me know. Terence

My HDR Landscape Photography

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Try HDR! It stands for High Dynamic Range and with a bit of planning you can turn out some eye catching images. Below is an image of the River Ouse, York looking north from Skeldergate Bridge. I used my trusty Manfrotto tripod and took a series of bracketed exposures. I find the best time of day is the half light where dusk is starting to fall and there is already a high contrast range. I focussed a third of the way into the image on a high F stop with a low ISO to minimise noise. Processing the raw image in Lightoom really helps. It allows a series of images to be merged to give the final HDR image still in raw format which I then adjusted further. HDR images are really attractive and open up a whole new dimension in photography.

17774313988_0ce06863c9_kHDR Photography by Terence Michael

One Light Photography

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Stephen had put in some serious Gym time and wanted some pics to show the results. I used a pocket wizard triggered strobe on one side to highlight muscle definition with a silver reflector on the other. I will post a few other images from this shoot. Couldn't resist the black and white. Photo-shopped for a mean and moody look. Terence 170717 Terence Michael Photos (94 of 185)-Edit170717 Terence Michael Photos (94 of 185)-Edit

Just added Phone Cases to my Product Line

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Great for Graduations and Schools. These are high quality cases suitable for Apple and Samsung. Simply click on the Buy button  under your photo and go to see all products



So Happy. Its Graduation Day!

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York University Law Graduation & Reception

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York University Law SchoolYork University Law SchoolGraphic image by Terence Michael ideal for your online presentation or for your presentation brochures and leaflets Looking for the log in for the 2017 Law Graduation and Reception? The Law Dept are sending out a link to all Graduands. Cheers. Terence