Put the mobile phone away and use a Compact Camera for fantastic results!

October 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Ciffords Tower by Terence MichaelCiffords Tower by Terence Michael  You will have heard this before.... Why should I use a compact when I have a camera on my mobile? But as mobile phones and their camera's have improved so in turn have manufacturers of compacts upped their game.

This was taken at one of my favourite spots' Clifford's Tower in York, last Bonfire Night, hand held on a Sony RX100. I use the original RX100 which when it came out was described in some quarters as the best compact camera in the world. I am not claiming that for it but it is capable of taking some amazings pics and it is a true compact ie it will slip into a jacket or trouser pocket and with a 20m sensor and Zeiss lens what's not to like?  So this 5th November why not try a compact camera?  Terence

PS I will be posting some more pics as part of a series on compacts


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