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My HDR Landscape Photography

August 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Try HDR! It stands for High Dynamic Range and with a bit of planning you can turn out some eye catching images. Below is an image of the River Ouse, York looking north from Skeldergate Bridge. I used my trusty Manfrotto tripod and took a series of bracketed exposures. I find the best time of day is the half light where dusk is starting to fall and there is already a high contrast range. I focussed a third of the way into the image on a high F stop with a low ISO to minimise noise. Processing the raw image in Lightoom really helps. It allows a series of images to be merged to give the final HDR image still in raw format which I then adjusted further. HDR images are really attractive and open up a whole new dimension in photography.

17774313988_0ce06863c9_kHDR Photography by Terence Michael


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